Home made sail furler And H rail upgrade for Outback

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Home made sail furler And H rail upgrade for Outback

Postby grunter » Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:17 am

I had lots of trouble with the Hobie product slipping and tried different solutions . But finally made this device and find it is very reliable . The black flanges top and bottom , are left over Railblaser starport deck mounts that actually push fit very tightly onto 32mm ally tube . Then made a rope centre-pull device from plastic coated wire . This stays stationary as sail is furled and doubles as the Down Haul attachment point . The rear post is a Railblaser Flag /Light pole (with reinforcement rope/stay ),that extends from 600mm to around 1100 mm ,and is there to raise the Sheet Rope from sail ,above my head. Mounted to the awesome H-rail , is a Harken cam cleat for sail trim . Quick to adjust , or de-power the sail when necessary . The Hobie H-rail is the best upgrade for the Outback (IMO). At around $220 (PA12 version ) for railing kit . Allows rod storage along side of rails/kayak, using clamp-on racks , as rods stored vertically will constantly foul sail rigging . . .Maybe not for everyone . But opens so many options and fuels the Think Tank . Anyone serious about performing this upgrade to outback could PM ' me as I have plenty of left over Nylon spacers required to successfully mount railing to side of kayaks (Outback or otherwise ) Also correct cut-back length. Image




image post[/https://s32.postimg.org/75c83rw51/image.Image[/url]


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Re: Home made sail furler And H rail upgrade for Outback

Postby almeister » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:47 am

Been meaning to get off my arse and make one of these - the hobie furl system is a joke - spoken to hobie on the forums and they are convinced there is nothing wrong with it.
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